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Pricelist of the services

Processing of the returns and overall summaries
Tax return of income tax from 2000 CZK  
Tax return of corporation income tax from 4000 CZK  
Tax return of value added tax from 1000 CZK  
Tax return of road tax 200 CZK/car  
Tax return of real estate tax from 1 000 CZK  
Tax return of real estate transfer tax from 1 000 CZK  
Tax return of gift tax from 1 000 CZK  
Processing of overall summary of health insurance 500 CZK  
Processing of overall summary of social insurance 500 CZK  
Postponement of Tax return from 3000 CZK  
Accounting services
Accounting item from 20 CZK, min. 1000 CZK/month  
Check of accounting records at a negotiable price  
Extra charge for reconstruction 30%  
Accounting advisory 500 CZK/hour free for contracted clients
Financial statements from 1000 CZK  
Other accounting services 500 CZK/hour  
Travel expenses 6 CZK/km  
Accounting of business travel CZE 50 CZK  
Accounting of business travel EU 100 CZK  
Tax advisory
Consultation with tax adviser 800 - 1200 CZK/hour  
Representation for tax administrator from 800 CZK/hour  
Opinion of tax adviser from 5 000 CZK at a negotiable price depending on reported case
Liquidation of company at a negotiable price  
Travel expenses 6 CZK/km  
Time spent on business travel 300 CZK/hour  
Property management
Basic fee for property management is at CZK 90,-/flat/month but at least CZK 900,- house/month. This price includes standard services connected with property management.

Other extended services are computed individually with regard to the scope and client´s requirements.

For more information or individial offer please feel free to call or send an email using our contact details.
Processing of wage administration
Wage services 200 CZK/person/month including overall summary of social insurance and health insurance
Employee evidence 500 CZK/person/year Tax declaration, agreaments, etc.
Controls 500 CZK/hour  
Registration application 100 CZK/person  
Other services
Economic consultancy 600 CZK/hour  
Settlement of trade licence 1 000 CZK  

Pricelist has only informative character. Final price depends on amount of required services. Some items are free of charge for regular clients who are taking advantage of our complete services.

* scheduled prices are without VAT


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