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Welcome to our website.

Welcome to website of the TaxProm, s.r.o. and Ing. Ivan Tutko. We are a union of two companies where TaxProm, s.r.o. provides services connected with property management and Ing. Ivan Tutko is a Tax consultant and a Accounting advisor. We are a family companies and would like to offer you our services in the area of taxes, accounting and property management. Ing. Ivan Tutko is a member of the 'Chamber of Tax Advisors' and have worked in this field since 1995. I am rather certain that with our experience and knowledge we are able provide you a complex solution to your queries.

About us


Our office provides a wide range of services in the field of taxes, accounting and property management. We have long standing and stationary customers and a firm position on the market. We put the accent on reliability and maximum comfort given to our clients who after using our services need not worry about their taxes, accounting and real estate. They are provided with the complete range of services from one place. We also offer dealing in English which is especially appreciated by our foreign clients.

Our goal is to provide complete tax, accounting and property management services as well as matters immediately linked to such services with the accent on a high quality and skill with the individual approach to our clients. Our working team is created by experienced, academically qualified experts on this field of business zooming in on professional services and undisturbed sleep of our clients. Our services are not only localized to Brno. We have clients from the South Moravian and Olomouc regions, as well.

8 reasons to visit us

8 reasons

  1. Lower costs
    • payment only for actually used services
    • no labour costs of own accountant workers
    • elimination of costs of accounting software, training, courses, education
  2. Quality services guaranted by a tax adviser
  3. No time spent by monitoring of changes of laws and other rules
  4. Watching the due dates of taxes and other deliveries
  5. Tax, accounting and other tax adviser services in one place
  6. Check of correctness of accounting documents
  7. Possible receiving of documents in your company seat
  8. Free parking for our clients


Taxprom, s.r.o.
Karlova 979/37
614 00 Brno
phone: 545 243 007